We have various events and gathering for our adult ministry programs. Any man or woman 18 years or older are welcome to attend! 

Women's Ministry
Vision Statement

“With discipleship as our main focus, our goal is to reach women by meeting their needs through intentional community.”

The Women’s Ministry meets monthly to discuss how our Vision Statement is impacting the Women of our church. We plan mainly social events and activities that are of interest and meaning to women of all ages and social status. Our goal is to create and enrich our relationships with each other. It is easier to reach out to other women when you know them personally, know their gifts and talents, and know that they can be trusted.

Women’s role in the family unit is of utmost importance! Having a deep and personal relationship with our Heavenly Father is the greatest aspect of being a Godly woman. We hope that Women’s Ministry can aid in building first; a strong relationship with God, strong relationships with family, and strong relationships with other Christian women.

Men's Ministry
Vision Statement

Men’s ministry is about bringing men together to lift them up alongside other men, to do life with and to lean on when we need too.

Through this we give them the tools needed to teach and to lift up other men inside their circle.  We do this by gathering together during our Men's breakfasts.

We hold a monthly breakfast for all men (young and old) on the 1st Saturday of the month at 9:00AM here at the church. We break bread together with a free pancake, egg and sausage breakfast. Then we fellowship with each other and end with a biblical challenge.

Weekly morning breakfasts occur at various local restrautants and are announced in the bulletin.

We at Family alliance Church believe that a strong Family bond is essential and as such, men have one of the greatest parts in that role.